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Control Device


Temperature measurement using battery power and transmission to the data acquisition device

Product Introduce

Main Features
· Wirelessly measure a wide temperature range
· Guaranteed lifespan of 5 years with low power design (1 minute transmission cycle)
· Transmission collision circuit by applying transmission time alignment technology
· AES128 encrypted communication support
· Operation power-3V / 1000mAh battery
· Communication-Wireless IEEE 802.15.4 / 2.4GHz
· Temperature measurement range-40 ~ 150 ℃
· Measurement channel-1 channel
· Operating life-5 years / 1 minute transmission cycle
· Current consumption-10mA or less / Operation time 30ms
· Sleep mode current consumption-Sleep 10uA or less
· RF MCU-CC2650
· Size-40 x 30 x 15mm (W x D x H)

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