In connection with the FEMS/BEMS cloud platform, energy management efficiency is improved, energy production facilities are optimally operated, and various types of edge devices (open type, tank type and autonomous type) are required for optimal operation of various new and renewable energy (PV, emergency diesel, heat, etc.) ) Development

Product Introduce

Main Features
· Energy AI big data-based intelligent algorithm linkage
· Low power design and industrial communication protocol acceptance (OPC-UA, MQTT, MODBUS, etc.)
· National Intelligence Service security certification KCMVP module installed
· Operation of verification algorithm for abnormal control commands (internal/external network intrusion and operation error)
· Equipped with multi-channel power measurement and AC/DC power quality measurement algorithm
· Real-time precision control is possible by applying high-speed calculation DPS calculation technology inside the edge device

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Structure of FEMS/BEMS connection system

Structure of FEMS/BEMS connection system