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AMITEK logo is a symbol that combines AMI, which stands for Advanced Metering Infrastructure, and TEK, which symbolizes technology. In Korean, it means'Intelligent Remote meter reading device' or'Intelligent meter reading infrastructure'.

'AMI' part is shaped by linking the needle shape of the meter reading instrument panel with the letter 'A'. In addition, 'AMI' and 'TEK' are composed of different colors, and represent the role and contribution of Amitech to develop into the IT field by combining new concepts with technology.

The orange color of the logo basically symbolizes specific associations such as'sun, fire' and abstract associations such as'warmth, brightness, shine, health'. This symbolizes the task and goal of Amitech as a renewable energy business using the sun that considers the global environment and an eco-friendly energy company that considers health. The sky blue, reminiscent of a blue sky, symbolizes positivity, safety and trust. It contains the belief to create a positive and safe influence in Korea's energy business and artificial intelligence business with Amitech's technology and lead it with trust.

The color of the logo is designed in a four-color process, assuming that it is used on a computer. The color of the symbol mark is called "AMITEK_ORANGE" and "AMITEK_SKYBLUE", and the display examples for each color are as follows.



(CMYK / C 0%, M 60%, Y 100%, K 0%)



(CMYK / C 90%, M 20%, Y 10%, K 0%)