Amitek wants to open up new markets with its customers by providing innovative technology solutions that can respond to changes in the energy industry.
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About Us

Due to recent environmental problems, there is a growing interest in international renewable energy.
In the case of Korea, local governments as well as private companies are participating in new and renewable energy projects.
We would like to leave many good products at home and abroad based on accumulated technology and experience.
Amitek provides services related to micro grid operation to a wide range of customers all over the world.
We are made up of experienced professionals. Innovative ideas and best practices will meet your needs.
When we look at our products, our expertise is revealed. If you need a product for Micro Grid, our company is your ultimate destination.

Management Philosophy

Contributing to the human society by creating the best products and services based on human resources and technology, AmiteK is the ultimate goal to pursue.

Management principle

Amitek recognizes realism as a regression and pursues constant change and innovation. Understand the trend of the times and pursue creative innovation through advanced change.

Corporate performance

- Participated in the production and supply of prototypes related to development of Korea Electronics Technology Institute
- Development of miniaturized fault recorder device for power system monitoring
- Development of various operating programs related to renewable energy

Our Product

Equipped with Micro grid total management program, our products offer optimized microgrid total solution and supply optimized products for your needs.

Our Service

Micro grid operating software development

Amitek's own Micro grid total management program is a program that runs the power management system as a whole.
Pcs, Ess, Pmd can be managed in real time and manual. They are also managed wirelessly.