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  • 2020'S
    • 2021

      03Selected as an energy specialized company by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

      02Joined Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Hydropower Industry Association


      04Selected as the organizer of the artificial intelligence-centered industrial convergence complex project

      01Company-affiliated research institute promotion

  • 2010'S
    • 2019

      09Earth-level energy smart city system development
      Quality management system (ISO 9001) certification

      02Established a dedicated R&D department

    • 2018

      10DC-DC Smart Controller/Meter development

      04Selected as a KEPCO KDN partner company
      Reported as a software business operator (Korea Software Industry Association)

      01Head office moved to business (Electronic Component Research Institute)
      Auxiliary ECU control/Monitoring Android application development

    • 2017

      12Embedded type small PMS terminal development

      09Developed FLOW BATTERY electric power management system (PMS)
      Mobile payment electric vehicle charging settlement service development

      08PMS monitoring program and CONTRONLER production

      06Power quality measurement device firmware development

      03DC-based OpenADR terminal production

    • 2016

      12ADR CLIENT terminal development

      11Development of power system system analysis technology

      09PMS operating software development
      AI Module and PWR/MB Module module development
      Failure recording device algorithm development

    • 2015

      08Micro-Grid test bed operation program development

      01Development of small power recording device

    • 2014

      05Established AMITEK