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Control Device


Edge device for photovoltaic power plant that can collect data of distributed resource volatility optimization and demand response stabilization through integrated monitoring of power system volatility and security certification approval by the National Intelligence Service so that solar power plant resources can be integrated to achieve carbon neutrality

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Main features
· Designed to acquire various information collection (inverter, connection panel, protection relay, fire monitoring, weather data, etc.) of distributed energy resources based on time synchronization within 1 minute
· Implementation of emergency output shutdown function (Rapid Shutdown) that meets NEC 2017 safety standards and UL 1741 safety regulations
· Equipped with NIS KCMVP chip for communication security
· Designed for wired and wireless communication (4-channel RS485 and WM-BUS/Private LoRa options)
· IEEE1588 time synchronization, data storage and low power design

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IoT energy RTU composition plan