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By developing intelligent energy measuring devices necessary for more efficient operation of energy use, we are developing and supplying measurement and control devices necessary for the operation of existing power plants, new and renewable energy, and distributed energy.

Product Introduce

Development background
· For accurate prediction and O&M, a dedicated sensor is needed to measure the solar module string current.
Main features
· Since the solar module string has a serial/parallel structure and measurement accuracy is very important, an integrated module of a shunt resistance and a galvanic insulating part with a precision of 1% or less is required.
· Compared to existing hall sensors, precise measurement, no need for separate control power supply, and economic feasibility can be secured.
· Using a 6-channel current measurement module that can be expanded using SHUNT resistance using galvanic insulation.
· Support for measuring insulation resistance.
· Support for data communication connection with upper servers using wired and wireless communication.
· Support location information using GPS and synchronize time.

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PV Cell Measurement Module Conceptual Chart

IoT energy RTU composition plan