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By developing intelligent energy measuring devices necessary for more efficient operation of energy use, we are developing and supplying measurement and control devices necessary for the operation of existing power plants, new and renewable energy, and distributed energy.

Product Introduce

Main Features
· Monitoring low-voltage, over-voltage, over-current and power conversion efficiency at sites that directly use DC voltage in connection with new and renewable energy (solar, wind, ESS, etc.)
· eal-time linkage with PCS and BMS
· Equipped with security algorithm
· Display Device-Text LCD
· Microcontroller-STM32F746VGT6
· Control panel-5EA
· Communication-Ethernet, RS485
· Voltage-4 channels
· Current-4 channels
· Digital output-4 channels
· Digital input-4 channels
· Size-200 x 120 x 70mm (W x D x H)

Main Text

Structure diagram of DC SMART METER enclosure

Structure diagram of DC SMART METER enclosure